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ReportAmigo Documentation

Getting Started

Getting started with ReportAmigo is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

The first step to get started is to sign up for a ReportAmigo account.

Once signed up, you will be taken to the Organizations page:

Next, click on the "Connect With Xero" button. You will then be taken to Xero, from where you will be able to select the Xero organization you would like to connect with.

For more information on how to Connect With Xero and how our integration with Xero works, please review the next topic.

Connecting With Xero

To connect ReportAmigo with one or more Xero organizations, click on the "Organizations" link from the top navigation menu.

Advanced Tip: to connect multiple organizations, simply repeat the following steps for each organization you would like to connect with.

Once at the Organizations page, click on the "Connect With Xero" button. You will then be taken to Xero. Make sure to sign in to your Xero account as requested (you may skip to the following step if you are already signed in to your Xero account).

Once signed in to your Xero account, you will be able to select the Organization you would like to connect with:

Once you have selected the Organization, click the "Allow access" button to continue. You will then be taken back to ReportAmigo from where will be able to create your first Schedule.

ReportAmigo & Xero

The following diagram shows how ReportAmigo gets data from your connected Xero Organizations:

Note that ReportAmigo only requests data from Xero and doesn't send or write data back to any of your Xero organizations.

As you connect ReportAmigo with your Xero organizations, you will then be able to schedule and send reports across contact groups. This is further described in the following topic.

Scheduling Reports

To schedule reports, click on the "Schedule" link from the top navigation menu, and then click the "New" button. You will then see the following form:

The form lets you create a Schedule by completing three simple sections:

1. Send

This section lets you choose which report types you would like to send. Checking a report type will present you with more options so you can further configure specific parameters for the report. You may check one or more report types to be send as part of the Schedule.

2. To

This section lets you choose the contacts you would like the report to be sent to. You can select from previously entered contacts and/or type in new contacts.

Advanced Tip: We recommend adding yourself to receive the reports so you can stay on top of all the reports being sent by your Schedules over time. When you include yourself, ReportAmigo will also send you notifications when any comments are posted.

3. On

This section lets you program when the reports for this Schedule will be sent. You can choose to send them Every day, week, month, or quarter, and start on the date of your preference.

Advanced Tip: You may create as many Schedules as you would like. Each Schedule can be configured to send different report types to specific contact groups. For example, you can create a Schedule to send the Executive Summary every Friday, and a different Schedule to send the Balance Sheet and Profit And Loss reports on the 7th of every month.

Getting Help

Please don't hesitate reaching out to us if you need help with your ReportAmigo account, or have any questions or concerns.

You can email us at:

You can also request help using our contact form.

Advanced Tip: You may also want to check out our FAQ page for more information about ReportAmigo.