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      全球蘆筍罐頭出口下降Global exports of canned asparagus down

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      By Lorena Ruibal由羅瑞拉瑞保撰寫 Published: 07 August 2015發表:2015年8月07 04:24點

      Shipments of canned asparagus from the world’s largest exporters China and Peru declined during the first four months of the year, compared with the same period in 2014.


      In January-April, Peru led the exports of canned asparagus, totalling 12,167 tonnes. Yet, shipments from the country dropped by almost 12% year-on-year. Still, exports remained flat by value at USD3,360 per tonne (+0.70%).

      在1月到4月,秘魯的蘆筍罐頭的出口,共計12,167噸。然而,從該國出口同比下跌了近12%。不過,出口持平了3,360美元每噸(+ 0.70%)價值。

      Peru’s main trading partners were: Spain (-22.51% to 3,815 tonnes), France (+5% to 2,999 tonnes) and the US (+20% to 1,820 tonnes).

      秘魯的主要貿易伙伴是:西班牙(-22.51%至3,815噸)、法國(+ 5%至2999噸)和美國(+ 20%至1820噸)。

      Also downtrend, China’s global exports of canned asparagus decreased by 2.5% to 4,408 tonnes, year-on-year. Like Peru, Chinese exports by value remain constant at USD2,637/tonne (+0.33%)

      同樣也下降趨勢,中國對全球蘆筍罐頭的出口較上年同期下降了2.5%,至4,408噸。像秘魯那樣,中國的出口在價值上保持不變在2,637美元/噸(+ 0.33%)

      Conversely, exports from Spain climbed by 58% to 1,507 tonnes by volume and plunged by the same percentage by value to USD1,788/tonne from January to April of 2015, in a year-on-year comparison.

      相反, 按數量從西班牙的出口上升了58%,至1507噸和




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